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                Guangzhou Baosheng technology Co.,Ltd. is specializing
            in inside pigment paint pastes for shoe sole,PU integral skin, sponge and PU leather etc.,it's presently one of the biggest factories making PU pigment in China.Our products
            has been sell successfully to the markets of liaoning,Shandong,Sichuan,Hunan,Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangdong,
            Taiwan provinces,Vietnam,Cambodia etc.
                Our products include almost all kind of pastes of different colors,and they are also very good compatible
            with PU materials.The Baosheng PU pigment has a feature of decentralizing very quickly,when using in shoe sole injcetion,it can help to reduce the problem of sparkling,
            and improve the quality of the product.
                In the past few years,we have supplied of PU pigment paste to NIKE,ADIDAS,SLM and many other international
            famous brands,and we have done very good after sale service and built up cooperate relationship with each other.
                We recommend you to use RA-8001 pattern draw agent,
            which has features of suable,no need to do any following treatment,higher proportioning,and lower cost etc,Compared with products made by other factories from domestic and abroad,the RA-8001 rattern agent has been proved a better performance after long term using by many PU shoe sole manufacturing factories.
                Our company aim:Quality is the first,doing business
            with good reputation,continuous creative,and top-guade service.
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